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Maine Reverse Phone Lookup

Reverse phone lookup refers to searching with a phone number to identify an unknown caller. Phone lookup services allow anyone to find callers using only their phone numbers. In addition to the caller’s name and address, a reverse phone lookup may also find other details such as gender, phone type, and social media accounts. Therefore, a reverse phone search can help you answer the question: “who called me?” and can be used in certain cases to conduct a soft background check.

What are Maine Phone Numbers

The last few decades have seen marked changes in the telephone services and subscriber preferences. According to a 2017 report from the Centre for Disease Control (CDC), 42.2% of Maine households only use wireless phones compared to 5.4% of households with landline phone subscriptions. This trend continued in a 2018 report from the same organization, where households with only wireless phones rose to 47.7% exceeding landline-only households by 41.0%. These figures clearly indicate that subscriptions for landline phone services are on a steady decline.

The phone carrier with the widest coverage in Maine is Verizon. It covers almost 96% of the state. Other carriers operating in Maine include AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile. Network coverage of Maine’s 424 zip codes for these four major carriers are summarized below:

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VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, phone services, also capitalizing on the expansion of wireless mobile telephony and broadband internet access, are enjoying rapid growth in subscriber base. Taking advantage of the unique features offered by VoIP technology, the percentage of Mainers who sign up for VoIP phone services continues to rise annually.

Can I Search a Number and Find Out Who It Is?

Yes, anyone can search a phone number and discover who it really belongs to. They would need a reverse phone service to conduct this search. Phone lookups can find phone subscriber information because carriers require those signing up for new numbers to provide their names, addresses, and other relevant personal details. Lookup services find their information from such carrier databases. 

Besides searching by phone number to identify an unknown caller, it is also possible to conduct  a reverse phone search by name and address. However, certain challenges may arise when using a reverse phone search to answer the question: “who is this number registered to?” For example, some phone scammers escape identification by masking their phone numbers or tricking phone Caller IDs to show the wrong ones.

Is There a Free Way to Look Up Someone’s Phone Number?

Yes, performing a free phone number lookup for an unknown phone number is possible. Most paid reverse phones search services also offer free options. It is important to note, however, that the results obtained may not be comprehensive enough to satisfy the purpose of the search. However, these initial results are usually helpful in providing a general overview of detailed information you can obtain with paid services. Some of the additional details that may be obtained besides a name and an address include social media profiles and publicly available criminal records. Paid reverse phone lookup services not only provide more information, they also have access to longer lists of phone numbers than free options.

What are Phone Lookup Services?

Phone lookup services are online tools for identifying callers by their phone numbers. An ever-increasing demand for phone numbers and the shift towards mobile phones have made phone lookup services necessary and popular. Nowadays, it is easy to reach anyone anywhere simply by calling them. The convenience and reach of mobile telephone services have also made phone scams easier and more common. 

Telephone users now have a greater need for security as most people rely on the caller ID feature on their phones to first uncover callers’ identities before answering calls. Phone scammers, utilizing a myriad of tricks and nefarious tools, have acquired abilities that range from manipulating caller ID functions to redirecting VoIP calls through multiple networks to hide their origins. To avoid phone scams, a good grasp of the ways scammers use VoIP, area codes, prefix codes, and phone number registration records to execute their fraudulent schemes is important.

Is Reverse Phone Lookup Legal in Maine?

Residents of Maine can use reverse phone lookup to find unknown callers trying to reach them. Using and providing phone number lookup search is legal in Maine as long as users and providers do so within the framework of Maine’s laws. While Maine does not regulate reverse phone lookup providers or have state laws discussing using lookup search to find phone users, it recognizes the importance of this tool. It is only illegal to identify unknown callers with phone lookup tools in Maine if users have the intention to stalk, harm, or steal money, information, and other valuables from the persons they identify. 

Maine also requires reverse phone lookup users and providers to respect the privacy of the individuals they identify. It is illegal to use lookup searches to spy on others and reveal confidential information without consent. Legitimate phone number lookup search providers obey Maine and federal privacy laws by only serving results containing information derived from public records.

What Information Can You Get from a Maine Phone Number Lookup Search?

A Maine reverse phone lookup search can easily find the full name of the individual linked to the number submitted as long as this phone number is registered in the United States. Besides the name of the unknown caller, a phone number lookup search can also find the following details about the identified phone user:

  • Address
  • Age
  • Gender

These key details are provided by a typical reverse phone lookup free search. They are usually obtained from subscriber records kept by phone carriers and provided by these users when registering or activating their phone numbers. Some of these pieces of information may change. For example, phone users may change their names, addresses, and genders since they registered their phone numbers. To get up-to-date information on unknown callers, opt for a phone number lookup paid search. 

Paid lookup searches dig for information from more sources than free searches. They can find the current names and addresses of identified callers by checking public biodata listings and public social media posts. Paid reverse phone number lookup searches can also find criminal and arrest records for identified callers where available. They check public records maintained by Maine courts, law enforcement agencies, and governments at city, county, and state levels to find these criminal justice records. Such details are useful for deciding whether an unknown caller is a phone scammer impersonating reputable individuals and organizations. In addition to revealing scammers, you can use paid lookup searches to investigate phone stalkers and spam callers and get details needed to make full reports to local law enforcement.

What Is a VoIP Number?

VoIP calls transmit data over the internet rather than by radio waves or copper lines. It is possible to ring mobile and landline phones with VoIP services. VoIP can also be used for text messaging. It supports features like group calls and call forwarding and is increasingly becoming an essential telecommuting tool for organizations of all sizes.

Unsurprisingly, scammers have also kept pace with the recent developments in modern telephony and are now increasingly running their scams via VoIP calls.  Since a VoIP number can be assigned regardless of the subscriber’s location or actual area code, scammers can obtain numbers with Maine area codes to convince their targets that they are local and trustworthy. Using a Maine phone number, for example, a scammer can initiate a scam call in any part of the globe. Multiple scammers can also make calls at the same time using the same VoIP number across multiple devices. These features make tracking VoIP-associated scams extremely difficult and a successful reverse phone search harder. Consumers are strongly advised to be vigilant when handling unusual calls whether or not the numbers calling them are familiar. An online resource for dealing with dubious calls is provided by the FTC for consumers’ protection. VoIP numbers are virtual numbers assigned for making voice and video calls over the internet.

What is a Maine Phone Number Area Code?

The 1940s ushered in the current integrated phone numbering system generally referred to as the North American Numbering Plan. It was developed by the Bell Telephone Companies and the American Telegraph and Telephone (AT&T). The new system unified various phone numbering systems and also birthed the area codes or Number Plan Area (NPA) codes that describe particular geographic areas.

A North American area code is a set of three digits at the beginning of a 10-digit phone number. It designates a pre-specified geographic area and makes call routing easier. Area codes also help address ever-expanding demand for phone numbers within the state. The North American Numbering Plan Administrator (NANPA) manages the assignment of new codes and is, in turn, under the management of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The introduction of new area codes within a state is regulated by an FCC-assigned local agency.

What is a Maine Phone Number Prefix Code?

Also referred to as the central office code, a phone prefix code is a set of three digits that comes after the area code. It is the first three digits of a seven-digit phone number. Examining the phone number (342) 354-4315, for example:

  • 342 is the area code
  • 354 is the prefix code

For phone numbers that include the country code, the prefix code comes after the country code and area code. For example, looking at the phone number +1 (342) 354-4315

  • +1 is the country code for the United States
  • 342 is the area code
  • 354 is the prefix code